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Electroporation Mesotherapy

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Electroporation Mesotherapy

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Electroporation Mesotherapy has options for your Face, Body, and to Treat Hair Loss Electroporation Mesotherapy Body Treatments help with a variety of skin and body concerns which can affect the way you look and feel. Some benefits of Electroporation Mesotherapy Body Treatments include reduced water retention, helps fight against fat deposits, helps hydrate the skin, helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, helps firm the skin, and prevent skin aging. Electroporation Mesotherapy facial treatments help controlled products enter deeper into your skin to allow for better absorption and thus help your skin look better. These controlled products are introduced to your skin after the Electroporation process is over which makes it possible for the products to enter into deeper layers of your skin. The Electroporation process sends short controlled pulses of a low current to the treated area which temporarily disrupts the cell membrane which allows products to easily penetrate deeper into your skin. Electroporation Mesotherapy Hair Treatments help you grow back some lost hair by treating hair follicles. Hair loss is a common problem affecting both men and women and if you are looking to regain some lost hair, then this treatment can help you with that. Benefits of Electroporation Mesotherapy includes wrinkle and fine line improvements, better skin hydration, helps treat acne, oily, and greasy skin, helps with skin pigmentation and hyperpigmentation, helps add a more youthful appearance to the face, and it also helps with rosacea. Electroporation Mesotherapy treatments can be customized to help solve a variety of skin concerns you may have. Can be added to any service


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