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Vaginal Tightening Stick

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Vaginal Tightening Stick 

Our Vaginal stick can significantly improve postpartum or other causes of vaginal relaxation,

recover girls state, improve the quality of life and eliminate the bad discharge, odor, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

And they are portable & easy to use, quick use without any dependency features.

Using Direction

1- For first time usage, wet the wand", Cleanse the vaginal area and make it dry,

2:-Relax and make yourself comfortable. Slowly insert 3 /4 of the length of the wand into the vagina.

3-Leave it inside for 1 minute. Then gently move the wand left and right as you SLOWLY drag it out of the vagina. Don't rush.

4-Clean this tightening wand with paper or towel (do not wash it with water, this is handmade product) after every use and let it

dry . Keep dry when not in use. Discard after using for 3 months.

5- For smooth insertion, always wet the vagina tightening stick before inserting into the vagina.

6-For vaginal tightening insert the wand into the vagina 20 minutes before making love.

7- Move it around (left and right) in the vagina for about 1-2 minutes before withdrawing it SLOWLY.

8-Do not leave the vagina tightening stick inside the vagina for more than 2 minutes, otherwise you will be so tight that your

partner will have a hard time penetrating you.

Using Effect

1.Help slack vaginal contraction, restoration wedding fun;

2.To prevent bacterial infection, the elimination of bad secretions, and odors, dry and comfortable, detoxification anti-inflammatory;

3.To help post-natal uterine contraction and accelerate the elimination of lochia, promote metabolism;

4.The prevention and treatment of vaginitis ,annex inflammation, pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical decay and other gynecological


5.Preventive subsistence cross infection.


1.For external use only;

2.Pregnant women and during menstruation to stop using;

3.Virgin needn't use it;

4.Never use water soak or exposure " austerity stick " wearing this bar cause breakage;

5.Can't use excessive force


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